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Arranging the funeral ceremony

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat. The easiest way to do that is to call me. Alternatively, send me an email or fill in the contact form. If you decide that you would like me to lead the funeral ceremony, we can arrange for me to visit you.


During my visit, I will help you to create and structure the ceremony. If you plan to provide an order of service, I can prepare this for you. You will be able to share stories and memories of the life of your loved one; the things they enjoyed; their life with you as their family and with their friends; maybe the things they achieved during their lives; their passions and interests and hobbies. 


We can also talk about your preferences for any music, poetry or other readings that you would like to be part of the service or that reflect the wishes of your loved one. Between us we will seek to capture their essence and to compose a script that is unique and specific to them.


Before the ceremony is due to take place I will provide you will a draft copy of the script for you to read to make sure that it reflects your wishes and to give you the opportunity to make any changes.

After the ceremony, I can also provide you with a presentation script which is yours to have as a keepsake .

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